Queen of Storms

Learned a lot doing this one, still lots more to learn. Either way I'm very happy with how this came out. The Queen of Storms

The Caspin (the beetle bird thing landing on her arm) isn't born with its metallic armor. It eats a diet high in minerals and iron, and its body can slowly refine that iron intake into a steel armor around its body. The caspin then uses this steel plating not only as armor, but as a way of controlling electricity. At will the Caspin can combine two chemicals inside it's body that will emit a large shock on contact, then the caspin uses the prongs on its abdomen to direct that electricity at its prey to stun it. The caspin needs its metal armor to direct the electricity around it's own organs.

The Queen of Storms learned this all from her pet, and incorporated it into her own clothing. She has metal woven into her fabric, and attaches jewelry to her body that allows her to direct lightning around herself. Being only human she can only learn basic magic, but her